bees.jpgThe photo on the left is a shot of some beautiful green bees, I am not sure of the species. But check out the photo below. This is an interesting animal. It’s called a Solfugid, by bug people, wind scorpion, sun spider or camel spider by others, even though it is neither a spider nor a scorpion. This one was found in Balboa Park:


It is an arachnid, however, but in its own classification.  They’re non-venomous, but the larger species can inflict a painful bite. This specimen was small, maybe an inch long. Solfugids vary in size and you might have seen photos of a very large species from Iraq that was flying around in an email a couple of years ago:


3 Comments Solfugid

  1. Cathy

    Ok, so that creeps me out! I’d hate to come across one of those in my house or on the beach. Eeek!

  2. admin

    don’t worry, you won’t. They live in arid environments which limits their distribution in the US to the western areas.

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